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Don’t forget to fill out your profile with as much information as possible. With the number of notaries out there, you will want to stand out from the crowd. Our notary profiles feature a checklist of qualifications that make it quick and simple to let potential clients know just how amazing of a notary you are.

Quick tip: Don’t forget to add a picture! Let the world see that beautiful smile.

Is it really free?

Claiming your free listing is easy! The only thing easier than listing with our site is being found by the public. In a perfect world, everything would be free and the title of notary public would be floated against the likes of doctors, attorneys, and superheroes. MobileNotary.com knows how important it is for you to get exposure and we want to encourage you to be the best you can be! Thank us later with a positive shout out on LinkedIn, IG, Google+, … you get the idea. Just hit the claim your listing tab and follow the prompts. Our admin department will still have to approve the appropriate, professional, amazing, notary listing you create. A picture does say a thousand words so if we reserve the right to keep it classy!

Why pay for a listing?

Unless you are extremely fortunate, you are never first in line every time. And that is the difference between “Premium” and “Freemium”! We want every notary in every city to get a chance to get noticed but we are going to give our paying notaries a bump to the front of the line. Even if you are a farther away from the location of the signing requested you are going to most likely be the notary that gets the job. Since you paid for placement, it’s only right that you are the first mobile notary that gets first consideration.

What Credentials?

Since 99.9% of notaries are decent guys and gals we know that checking your credentials will be easy! We recommend mentioning anything pertinent to your resume. Put it in your description so that our admin folks and the general public get a feel for what makes you the best notary for the job. Some common descriptions include experience, background source, personal websites, and even other websites you are listed on. Give the people what they want – a reason to hire you.

Need Help

Since we are pretty sure that you are a very smart individual, after all you are a notary, we really want you to learn the site and own your listing. If you are a mobile notary that has yet to embrace technology……we’re waiting for you. To be fair, if you have paid for a listing and are having trouble with your listing please email us at helpdesk@mobilenotary.com.